Watershed Down by Richard Adams

One dim, moonlit night a small band of rabbits leave the comfort and safety of their warren, and set out on a long and dangerous journey. Not one of them knows where they are heading: neither Hazel, the courageous and unassuming leader of the party, nor Bigwig, the brave and impetuous warrior, nor even Fiver, the prophet who provided them with the impetus to go. But if they leave one terrible danger behind them, they lay themselves open to others just as fearful in their search for a new warren where they can live in peace.


And once they have gained the longed-for place they must embark on a search for does who will help them form a dynasty - a quest which leads them to Efrafa, the dictator-state warren under the deadly leadership of General Woundwort. Then begins an adventure which makes all their others seem like child's play...


This is a book about rabbits - real rabbits who act throughout in accordance with real rabbits behaviour and instincts. From the very first page, the reader enters the rabbit world completely, seeing things through their eyes, smelling the scents of the countryside as only an animal living in the wild can, living their terrors and their triumphs with them. And there is a map on pages 12 and 13 for those who wish to retrace the entire adventurous journey.


This is a very special book - exciting, frightening, beautiful, sad, funny and much more besides. Once you have read it, you will understand what we mean. In 1973 it was the winner of both the Guardian Award and the Carnegie Medal for children's fiction.


Cover design and map on pages 12 and 13 by Pauline Baynes.


Paperback 1975 edition


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Watershed Down by Richard Adams

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