The Ashtons (3-in-1) by Sheri Whitefeather, Kristi Gold & Emilie Rose
Dynasties Walker, Ford & Mercedes.

Betrayed Birthright by Sheri Whitefeather

Acting CEO Walker Ashton had always put business before pleasure. But pleasure is what he sought when he met Tamra Winter Hawk. Walker didn’t know why Tamra affected him so deeply, or why she made him yearn for a forbidden liaison...

Mistaken For A Mistress by Kristi Gold

Ford Ashton needed to know who killed his grandfather. Who better to help than his grandfather’s Executive Assistant and rumoured mistress, Kerry Roark? But she was no man’s mistress - now the woman who’d been avoiding her boss’s advances was finding herself drawn to a stranger with familiar eyes and all too tempting kisses...

Condition Of Marriage by Emilie Rose

Jared Maxwell agreed to marry his best friend, Mercedes Ashton, to help her avoid humiliation. He knows he did the right thing - after all, she had saved him from his darkest days. But the glow on her face and her swelling belly made her even more beautiful. He told himself she was off-limits - even if she was now his wife...

Paperback 2011 first edition

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The Ashtons (3-in-1) by Sheri Whitefeather, Kristi Gold & Emilie Rose

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