Tenth Man Down by Chris Ryan
When an SAS team is sent to train government troops in Kamanga, a poverty-stricken and war-torn republic in the dark heart of Southern Africa, Geordie Sharp is caught up in the most dangerous and difficult assignment of his military career. At the outset of the mission a juju, or witch doctor, predicts that ten whites are going to die, and as the prediction starts to come true, they go down one by one.

In the south of Kamanga rebel forces have seized the diamond mines which produce the bulk of the country’s wealth. The aim of the crack government unit is to recover these lucrative assets, wth Geordie Sharp and his squad providing much-needed back-up. As the troops move southwards, with the SAS in support and in the thick of the action, they capture one of the biggest mines, at Gutu, on the River Kosi.

When the SAS men see that the rebels are boosted by ex-US Navy SEAL mercenaries, they begin to sense a hidden agenda, But before they can discover what it is, their plans are thrown into chaos by the crash of a light aircraft, in which Inge Braun, a glamorous German girl from Namibia is the only survivor.

The SAS team take her with them as they continue fighting across Kamanga, but Sharp and two others fall into rebel hands. His comrade Whinger dies a hideous death, but Sharp manages to escape and rejoins what is left of the rest of his team.

At last Sharp stumbles onto the secret which is drawing such strong international interest - only to realise that he himself may have been exposed to a lethal dose of radiation in the process.

Is he the tenth and last of the juju’s victims?

Hardcover with jacket 1999 first edition

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Tenth Man Down by Chris Ryan

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