Tempted by P.C. And Kristin Cast (A House of Night Novel)
This blood smelled too dark. Too thick. There was too much of something in it that wasn’t human. But it was still blood, and it drew her, even though she knew the wrongness of it deep in her soul.

Dangerous secrets come between Zoey and Stevie Ra, putting their friendship - and the House of Night - at great risk.Stevie Rae, with her super red vamp powers, thought she could handle keeping stuff from her BFF, but her latest every is in a new league. Zoey’s left wondering if she can trust the person she thought would always have her back. And she needs her friends - and boyfriends - like never before.

Zoey banished malevolent immortal Kalona from Tulsa, but the battle is far from over. He now seeks power at the highest levels, and the Vampyre High Council is falling under his thrall. Without Zoey’s help, the world could still burn in the fiery hell of Aphrodite’s visions. And will Zoey’s connection with A-ya, a Cherokee maiden who tempted Kalona in ages past, help or hinder hr resistance to the dangerously seductive immortal?

Two girls walk the tightrope between good and evil. And their choices will see everything they love saved - or destroyed.

Hardcover 2009 edition

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Tempted by P.C. And Kristin Cast (A House of Night Novel)

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