Tarnished Gold by V.C. Andrews



Octavious nodded.


"Gladys is sleeping. She claims she's exhausted. If you're ver quiet about it...."


"I will be. I promise," I said.


"Very, very quiet," he said, and practically tiptoed down the hallway to the nursery.


I stepped up to the cradle and peered at baby Paul, wrapped in his blue cotton blanket, his pink face no bigger than a fist. His eyes were closed, but he was breathing nicely. All of his features were perfect. Mama was right. His fingers, clutched at the blanket, looked smalled than the fingers of any doll I had ever had. My heart ached with my desire to touch him, to kiss him, to hold him against my breast....


"We's better go," Octavious whispered.


"Come on, honey," Mama urged. She put her hand through my arm and held me at the elbow.


"Goodbye Paul," I whispered....


Paperback 1996 edition


P- 1006

Tarnished Gold by V.C. Andrews

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