Street Boys by Lorenzo Carcaterra
Naples, Italy, during four fateful days in the Autumn of 1943. The only people left in the shattered, bombed-out city are lost, abandoned children whose sole goal is to survive another day. None could imagine that they would become fearless fighters and the unlikeliest heroes of World War II.

It is late September. The war in Europe is almost won. Italy is leaderless; Mussolini already arrested by anti-fascists. The German army has evacuated the city of Naples. Adults, entire families, have been marched off to work camps or simply to their deaths. Now, the German army is moving towards Naples to finish the job. Their chilling instructions are: if the city can’t belong to Hitler, it will belong to no one.

No one but children. Children who have been orphaned or hidden by parents in a last, defiant gesture against the Nazis. Children, some as young as ten years old, armed with just a handful of guns, unexplored bombs and their own ingenuity. Children who are determined to take on the advancing enemy and save the city - or die trying.

In its compassionate portrait of the rootless young, and its pitiless portrayal of violence that is at once their world and their way out, Street Boys continues Carcaterra’s trademark themes. In its awesome scope and pure page-turning excitement, it stands as a stirring tribute to the underdog in us all - and a singular addition to the novels about World War II.

Hardcover with Jacket 2002 edition

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Street Boys by Lorenzo Carcaterra

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