Sink the Hood & Sink the Bismarck by Duncan Harding (2 in 1)
Sink The Hood:

What happened to the HMS Hood?

The Hood, pride of the Royal Navy, was sunk by the Bismarck during a deadly naval battle in May 1941. But a mystery still remains. What secret did the Germans possess that would enable them to destroy a mighty warship and the 2,000 on board in a mere eight minutes? What really took place in those unforgiving northern waters, when a legend was destroyed with all hands on deck within such a brief, and cruel, space of time?

Sink The Bismarck

A dazzling blend of fact and fiction from a master storyteller

The Bismarck is finally going out to fight the British enemy. It will be a prestigious operation for Grand Admiral Raeder, the head of the German fleet and advocate of the big surface ship. But Admiral Donitz, head of the submarine service, views the operation with disgust. e wants the big ships mothballed, and he’ll sabotage Raeder’s operation if he can.

There are others, too, who wish Raeder to fail, but for different reasons. Franz Muller, head of the Gestapo and intimate of Donitz, is really a long-term mole for the Russians. Both he and Donitz want the Bismarck knocked out, but the only people who can do it are the British - provided they are treacherously informed of the Bismarck’s movements...

Paperback 2001 edition

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Sink the Hood & Sink the Bismarck by Duncan Harding (2 in 1)

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