Shooting the Moon by David Harris
The true story of an American manhunt unlike any other, ever.

Like the best of thrillers, this is a tale of betrayal and murder, of drug-smuggling and arms-dealing, of a powerful international crime syndicate and the key players who help unload millions of tons of cocaine on the American market and live large on the profits. And it is the story of three dedicated men who risked their careers and reputations to bring to justice one of the infamous Medellin Cartel’s highest-ranking allies. Yet this book differs from other crime stories and political thrillers in one important way: it’s 100 percent true.

When, in 1989, twenty thousand American soldiers invaded Panama, arrested its highest military officer, and hauled him back to Miami to stand trial, it was the first time in our history that the U.S. had dared to capture and try another nation’s leader for violations of American law-violations committed in that ruler’s own country. How this remarkable chain of events came to pass is one of the wilder and -until now- least-known stories in modern American history. In this gripping book, David Harris brings us the behind-the-scenes account of what really happened, and why nothing like it may ever happen again.

It all started in the summer of 1985, when General Manuel Antonio Noriega, the legendary Panama strongman, was just one of hundreds of potential suspects identified by the Drug Enforcement Administration’s forces in the War on Drugs. Harris shows us the secret investigation, the thrilling four-year manhunt, the diplomatic incidents, and the historic drug bust that shook U.S. foreign policy to its foundations. On the way, we meet the hard-nosed agents and the policy hacks, the drug lords and the scumbags, the prosecutors and the snitches, the dissidents and the diplomats wit dirty hands, a freshman president making a reputation for himself, and a one-of-a-kind dictator who now sits, defeated, in a Miami federal prison cell that he will likely call home for years to come.

Shooting the Moon is not only an exemplary piece of investigative journalism, it is a fast-paced, rollicking read that is transfixing to the last page.

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Shooting the Moon by David Harris

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