Servants of God or Masters of Man by Victor Daniel Bonilla
The Pelican Latin American Library

The Story of a Capuchin Mission in Amazonia

At the beginning of this century the Church in Colombia renewed its crusade to ‘civilize’ the Indians. In the name of God and with the full support of the Colombian State, Capuchin missionaries used tactics of deception and intimidation to obtain valuable land, destroy the Indians’ highly developed civilization and turn them into landless peasants who would form a supply of cheap labour.

Victor Daniel Bonilla determined time help the Indians in their struggle against Church and State by publishing a thoroughly documented account of the subjugation of one large group in an Amazonian valley. On publication in Colombia ‘Servants of God or Masters of Men?’ provoked a storm of protest, but it succeeded in drawing attention to one of the most brutal examples of contemporary repression.

This book is published in the Pelican Latin American Library since its story typifies the way in which the Catholic Church has at times acted as an arm of Western Capitalism throughout Latin America.

The Pelican Latin American Library

This series attacks current ignorance of Latin America - an area where thousands thrive and millions starve and where politics lean three ways: towards the United States, towards national independence, and towards Marxist-Leninist revolution. Economic, political and even personal studies (of the whole region or of individual countries) will attempt to fill in the background against which such men as Che Guevara have fought and are still fighting.

Paperback 1972 edition 


Servants of God or Masters of Man by Victor Daniel Bonilla

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