Practical guide to Home Landscaping - Reader’s Digest
Landscaping today is more important than ever before. As the highways, parks and beaches become more crowded, beautiful places and quiet retreats where we can relax and enjoy nature become more essential. This book is intended to enable you to discover that such a retreat can be created in your own back yard.

Go for a leisurely walk along any suburban street and you will see dozens of opportunities for more beauty, convenience and pleasure to be gained from the land around the houses. Then look at your own land see whether it too could, with a little imaginative effort, be transformed or enhanced. To help you to recognise the potential of your land and show you how to achieve your new ambitions, this volume is divided into three parts which lead logically from the development of ideas for your garden to the final details of planting.

In the first part you will find a rich store of ideas. You will see designs for every part you will find a rich store of ideas. You will see designs for every part of the property from the street frontage to the back fence. Wide-ranging examples include large gardens and small; new, old and remodelled gardens; and gardens in the country, suburbs and city.

The second part explains the basic techniques and principles of landscape design and advises on the dimensions, materials and styles of fences, walls, paving, steps, pools and many other garden structures.

Part three is an expert guide to garden plants, from trees to grasses, that will grow readily in your area. This is not a gardening book, but it Ives you what gardening books do not provide - a guide to plants classified on the basis of what they will look like in the garden. It tells how big and how fast plants grow, and it shows their suitability for growing readily in 16 different climate zones.

Hardcover 1973 second edition

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Practical guide to Home Landscaping - Reader’s Digest

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