Once Around The Sun by Brian Thompson
An Anthology of Poetry by Australian Children.

Once Around the Sun

Judith Wright, in her very responsive and relevant preface to this collection of poems by Australian children says of them that

‘Often they make this grown-up poet ache with jealousy.
Many of them hit the nail so exactly on the head, whereas the adult
Port is faced by so many complications and qualifications and
Possible choices flooding in the moment he tries to see
Something clearly and express it exactly.’

The arrangement follows the experiences of the children during the seasons of the year. The book is divided into four sections - Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer - reflecting the influence of the Japanese haiku, which usually implies a season of the year. The main aspect of poetry which these poems illustrate is imagery, and the writers are young enough to be free of literary cliches. The imagery is startlingly fresh and original. The doors of perception seem to be wide open.

The anthology will give an insight, therefore, into the lives and minds of children and should interest all who are concerned with child-development. The poems were produced by children encouraged by teachers working in isolation, with little or no official encouragement. The undoubted success of their work is reflected in the children’s writing, in the eleven-year-old boy who crystallized his poetic experience in a memorable statement beginning

‘In poems, our earth’s wonders
Are windowed through
A good poem must haunt the heart...’

This is a pioneer study in the possibilities and qualities in children’s writings and should be read and discussed by all who have to do with children, particularly teachers of English and students of education. Children everywhere, and anyone of any age who likes poetry, should also find it a fascinating book to read and re-read.

Oxford University Press

Paperback 1967 reprint edition

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Once Around The Sun by Brian Thompson

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