No More Dying Then / Some Lie Some Die by Ruth Rendell 2-in-1

Two bestsellers in one volume.


No More Dying Then


On a stormy February afternoon, little Stella Rivers disappeared. There were no clues, no demands and no traces. All that remained was a dread that touched everyone in the town. Then five-year-old John Lawrence failed to come home. It was only then that the letters started - evil, mad, taunting letters that made the worst unspoken imaginings a brutal reality.


Cheif Inspector Wexford summoned up all his knowledge and resources to prevent another tragedy, but came up with nothing. All of his instincts were wrong, and his intuitions had led him nowhere. Now, fighting against time and a growing sense of failure, he would have to start again.


Some Lie Some Die


The rock festival at 'Sundays' was going well. The sun shone, the bands played, and everyone - except a few angry neighbours - seemed to be enjoying themselves. Then the weather changed.


In a nearby quarry two lovers found a body that made even Inspector Wexford's stomach lurch. Dawn Stonor had been a local girl, back from London on a flying visit not even her mother could explain. The only clue was a strange connectionwith the star of the festival...


Paperback 2005 edition


P- 974

No More Dying Then / Some Lie Some Die by Ruth Rendell 2-in-1

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