Nimitz Class by Patrick Robinson
INCONCEIVABLE: The nuclear-powered Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier USS Thomas Jefferson, the most powerful warship in the world, a seemingly unconquerable floating fortress, has disappeared at sea, with massive loss of life, vaporized in what appears to be a tragic nuclear accident.

UNRELENTING: As the shock waves reverberate around the world, reports suggest that something far more sinister lurks beneath the surface of this tragedy. A rogue submarine armed with nuclear warheads is on the loose. No-one knows who is on board, nor where it came from, or how it could have got within striking distance of the Thomas Jefferson. Worse yet, no-one knows where it is now, or if it might strike again. As political tensions mount and an anxious world hovers on the brink of all-out war, a deadly chase begins . . .


Chilling, compelling, controversial, Nimitz Class is the most riveting tale of submarine warfare since The Hunt For Red October.

Today it’s a novel. Tomorrow it could be the news.

Paperback 1997 edition

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Nimitz Class by Patrick Robinson

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