My Brother Jack  Meredith Trilogy by George Johnston
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My Brother Jack:

is the first novel in Johnston’s Meredith Trilogy. Its sequel, Clean Straw for Nothing, follows the career of David Meredith, and finally, A cartloads of Clay examines this character as he reviews his life.

Paperback 1987 edition 

Clean Straw for Nothing:

is the second novel in George Johnston’s Meredith Trilogy which began with My Brother Jack. A Cartload Of Clay completes the set.

Paperback 1987 edition 

A Cartload Of Clay:

George Johnston intended that this novel should form the third part of the trilogy which began with My Brother Jack and Clean Straw for Nothing. It is unfinished, although the manuscript had been corrected up to the last page at the time of George Johnston’s death in July, 1970. He was in fact working on it until a very few days before he died.

Like the first two books, it is autobiographical. The story of Jack’s younger brother, David Meredith, resumes at the point where he has returned to Australia and discovers anew a deep affection for his native land; an affection which encompasses its faults and failings as well as its virtues. There is the tragic death of his wife, Cressida, and his own failing health. He recalls past events, but his reflections are concerned more with the problem of the meaning of life than in the two earlier novels, thus adding a new perspective and a greater depth of meaning to the first and second parts of the trilogy.
Although unfinished, the book is complete in itself as a moving summation of George Johnston’s own life and thought.

Paperback 1987 edition

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My Brother Jack Meredith Trilogy by George Johnston

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