Little Women / Little Men by Louisa May Alcott (2-in-1)

Illustrated by Anna Marie Magagna


Little Women


The March family - Marmee, Mr. March, and their four lovable daughters - are a devoted group who live in a fine old New England home.


When you meet the heroines, and share their pleasures and tribulations, joys and sorrows, experiences and achievements, each of these little women will find her place in your heart.


There is Meg, lovely and ladylike, eager to get merried; Jo, the likable tomboy, anxious to become a writer; Beth, gentle and shy, who lives only to please her loved ones; and Amy, golden-haired and pretty, aspiring to become an artist and live in luxury.


The characters are so skillfully portrayed and the situations so cleverly presented that this fascinating and lively story has long been a classic, loved by parents as well as children.


Little Men


If you have read and enjoyed LITTLE WOMEN, then you must read LITTLE MEN, another of Louisa May Alcott's absorbing and wholesome stories. This companion book is a continuation of the lives of Meg and Jo - of their acheivements and misfortunes - of their children's experiences and adventures.


When Jo and her husband, Professor Bhaer, turn their home in Plumfield into a school for boys, they undertake a difficult but rewarding task. Teaching a group of boys, some sly, mischievous, naughty - as well as your own children - to live together happily and in harmony is not easy. Straightening out minor scrapes and various problems is just as complex.


Boys will be boys, but you can count on Aunt Jo's endearing qualities, and her capacity for love and understanding, to make these boys into young men anyone would be proud of.


Hardcover 1963 Copyright


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Little Women / Little Men by Louisa May Alcott (2-in-1)

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