I Married A Best Seller by Sheila Hailey
An affectionately indiscreet memoir about life with Arthur Hailey.

Sheila Hailey starts this “affectionately indiscreet” memoir with some wryly lighthearted words about what it’s like to be married to a writer, and especially THIS writer.

She concludes the book thus: “No one who has ‘made it’ has it made indefinitely into the future. Nor, outside fairy tales, does anyone live happily ever after.  Success is sweet - both in career and in marriage - but one must work at it every step of the way. As for our marriage, I have no formula. I hope it stays sweet. With love and a sense of humour . . . It has a chance.”

In between those passages is a sprightly account, characterised by exactly those two attributes mentioned above - love and a sense of humour.

“To stay happily married to anyone for twenty-five years is an achievement. To stay happily married for that length of time to a writer is a miracle.
“Why? Because a writer is temperamental, ruthless, sensitive, impatient, emotional, unreasonable, demanding, self-centred, and excessively hard-working. That is, he has to be most of these things if he is to be a successful writer. My husband is all of them.”


So begins Sheila Hailey’s lively, informal book about her life with a world-famous author. It is the story of two young people who met accidentally via a dictating machine in a typing pool, and about their road to success, and a successful marriage. She describes Arthur Hailey’s modest beginnings in writing, editing and advertising; his first attempt at fiction and his early successes, Flight Into Danger, The Final Diagnosis and In High Places. She tells how they lived and worked during the creation of such books (and films) as Hotel, Airport, Wheels and The Moneychangers in a wide variety of settings from Canada to California, the Bahamas, London, Hollywood and New York.

This is a loving, touching, funny, wise and occasionally very frank book filled with anecdotes and observations about how a modern marriage can work - from arguments about who takes out the dustbins to raising children, from tolerating eccentricities to coping with utterly dedicated professionalism, from extra-marital adventures to ever-renewing romance.

Hardcover with jacket 1978 edition

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I Married A Best Seller by Sheila Hailey

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