Heart Song by V.C. Andrews
“Why drag up the ugly past now?” Kenneth muttered

“That’s what Grandma Olivia says,” I retorted sharply.

“This time she’s right. Nothing can be changed and all it does is make people unhappy.”

“Except I’m the one who doesn’t know what she has to know. I don’t know who my real father is,” I said. He was quiet. “Do you know?”

“Look,” he said, “If you want answers to those questions, ask your relatives. Once, I knew your mother. She was a beautiful young woman. We had a good relationship for a while and then her lifestyle got in the way and she went her way and I went mine. I don’t condemn her, blame her, look down on her.”

“You’re not answering my questions,” I pursued. He shook his head.

“I don’t know the answer,” he snapped. “There were a lot of rumors, nasty rumors and the next thing I heard she and Chester had run off.”

The tears were streaming down my cheeks now. I turned away from him.

“You’re not telling me what you really know,” I fired back and stomped down the sand hill to the beach. I folded my arms and walked along. Moments later I felt his hand on my shoulder.

“Why do you want me to tell you unpleasant things?” He asked when I turned.

“I’m old enough to hear the bad with the good, Kenneth,” I said, full of fire and determination. He nodded.

“Okay. You want the bad with the good? Well....”

The captivating story of Melody Logan continues in this spellbinding new novel from V.C. Andrews...

Heart Song.

When Melody Logan’s beloved stepfather died, and her mother left her with his relatives on Cape Cod, Melody felt marooned. She discovered that the wealthy, tight-lipped Logans harboured dark secrets - even about Melody’s own twisted history - and no one but their good-hearted son, Cary, would breathe a word about it. Then her mother died in a car accident in California, and Melody was suddenly as alone as a solitary gull, with only the wild Atlantic wind to lift her spirits.

Forced to live in the room and wear clothes that belonged to Laura, Cary’s dead twin sister, Melody sometimes felt she had no identity at all. In the eyes of gentle Aunt Sara, Melody was a replacement for her dead daughter, but for Uncle Jacob she was a constant reminder of the family’s painful past. And more than anyone, Melody was a target for Grandma Olivia’s daggerlike glares and cruel commands.

Luckily, Melody had a summer job working for Kenneth Childs, the handsome, successful artist she believed might be her real father. And ever since it was revealed that she and Cary weren’t truly cousins, their tender affection for each other had risen and crested in thrilling waves. But Kenneth was ass silent about the past ass he was eager to have Melody pose nude for his new sculpture. If Melody agreed, that meant she too would have a secret to keep - even from her beloved Cary. Though Cary had pledged his love and confided his dream of becoming a boatbuilder, she knew she could not echo his promise until she discovered the buried truth about her past....

Deep inside, Melody had her own compass, which pointed her toward Belinda, the mysterious, half-crazy woman who was her real grandmother. Straining against the tide of the Logans’ cruel legacy, Melody yearned to break free of the web of lies that had bound her family for so long. Only then would she wake up to sunshine and happiness, on a sparkling sea of goodness...in a world where she truly belonged.

Hardcover with jacket 1997 edition

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Heart Song by V.C. Andrews

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