Fortune’s of Texas - The Lost Heirs
Harlequin Mills & Boon

Her Boss’s Baby by Cathleen Galitz

From business to baby...
Falsely accused of a crime, Jonas Goodfellow had already encountered enough mis-Fortunes since meeting his ‘family’ without looking for more. But even common sense and a jaded heart couldn’t make him resist sweet Tara Summers - the loyal assistant who’d believed in him throughout his ordeal. Holding her in his arms, Jonas felt that his long-denied dreams were attainable. Until he discovered Tara was carrying his child. Could Jonas now face his greatest challenge... to become the husband Tara deserved?

Did You Say Twins?! By Maureen Child

First come babies...
Top-secret military manoeuvres were routine to Gunnery Sergeant Sam Pearce, but babies were another matter - especially when he’d just taken on twins! Up to his elbows in diapers, Sam couldn’t refuse any offers of help - even from a woman who’d once claimed to live him, then walked away without even leaving a note. And now that Michelle Guillaire was in his arms, Sam wasn’t letting her go until she gave him some answers... and her heart!

Discover that membership in this family has its privileges... and it’s price. What a fortune can’t buy, a true-bred Texas love is sure to bring.

Paperback 2001 edition 

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Fortune’s of Texas - The Lost Heirs

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