Fear No Evil by John Gordon Davis
At midnight a long convoy of circus trucks leaves Madison Square Gardens, New York, heading North. An hour later two of these huge trucks, now stolen, and packed tight with lions and tigers, elephants, grizzly bears, gorillas and even a hippopotamus, are racing for the sanctuary of the faraway Great Smoky Mountains. With the dawn they are only halfway there and the alarm goes up, broadcast across America: the Bronx Zoo and the World’s Greatest Show have been robbed!

This is an epic story of the most dramatic theft of our time, of two extraordinary men, Davey and Charlie, circus hands, who try to return their animals to freedom, to the wilderness God made them for, of their long, harrowing, glorious flight and trek down the Appalachian mountain range, across rivers and highways, to get to the Promised Land, hounded all the way by police, free-lance hunters, government officials. It is a beautiful story, magnificently told, of two men’s love for their fellow creatures, and it gives us an insight into the hearts and minds of man and beast, into our whole environmental fabric and our attitudes towards it.

It is the story of love in the widest sense, and a riveting tale of guts and courage - to do illegally ‘what is right . . .’ As Davey says: “It has taken us two thousand years to work out a half decent man-to-man code of conduct. How much longer must we wait before we have a decent man-animal, man-environment code, on which our lives depend?”

Half the world are backing Davey and Charlie, who become folk heroes, about whom ballads are sung and demonstrations are staged - but the other half, led by the authorities and even men of goodwill who believe that animals make dangerous bedfellows and insist on getting them back ‘where they belong’, and bringing Davey and Charlie to justice. Amateurs, sportsmen and a determined local sherif become involved in the larger, more expert capture operation. So does Dr Elizabeth Johnson, the Zoo’s vet, whose duty to the animals slowly extends to love of their captor when Davey allows her to join the desperate caravan for the sake of the animals.

What happens?Above all, what SHOULD happen? . . . 

Hardcover with jacket 1982 first edition

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Fear No Evil by John Gordon Davis

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