Bygones by LaVyrle Spencer
When breaking up is hard to do...

Till death do us part.

Bess Curran is a lively, independent business woman, successful in her career as an interior designer, happy with her role as mother of two, content to be divorced from her ex-husband Michael. It’s when her daughter, Lisa, asks her to an intimate dinner, and Beds spits the candles, the old family dinner service and, to cap it all, the ex-husband she lives to hate in the same doorway, that she senses something is up. Lisa is about to drop a bombshell: she wants to marry, she’s having a baby, and she wants both her parents at the wedding.

Both for Bess, and for her elegantly dishevelled teenage son, Randy, it’s a terrible blow. They adore Lisa, they can’t abide Michael, yet protocol demands that the family presents a united front.

Ever the professional, Bess takes stock and decides to bless her daughter’s day with live and with happiness. And that means meeting with her ex-husband Michael: the man whose perfect teeth she could cheerfully rearrange with a chisel; whose hands she wanted to slap and stroke; whose looks and wit make her spit and catch her breath all at once. For Michael is the man who has wounded her son to the depths of his tender soul yet who lives him dearly; who irritates Bess beyond belief but still causes her to wish she’d lost that extra ten pounds. Michael, once a husband, always a lover...

Paperback special overseas edition 1993

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Bygones by LaVyrle Spencer

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