Brazilian Men Brides (3-in-1) Harlequin
The Ramirez Bride by Emma Darcy

Fame, fortune - and women! But the past has caught up with Nick Ramirez, and he’s forced to abandon his reckless pursuit of personal pleasure - if he wants to meet his long-lost brothers. Nick must find a wife and produce a child within a year. Though many women have shared his bed, there’s only one he’d choose to be his Ramirez bride...

Reckless Night In Rio by Jennie Lucas

The task should be easy for Laura Parker - after all, Gabriel Santos is outrageously attractive, it’s for one night only and he is offering her a million dollars.

There are just three things to consider, however: they’ve already had one steamy night together in Rio; Laura’s been in love with Gabriel ever since; and he’s never wanted children. But Gabriel’s not aware he’s the father of Laura’s baby...

Under The Brazilian Sun - Catherine George

One look at his scarred face and Roberto de Sousa imagines he’s back in his car as it crashed - destroying his racing career. 

No one has tempted the reclusive champion out from his mansion, and Dr Katherine Lister is the only person to be invited in. She’s there to value a rare piece of art. But under Roberto’s sultry gaze she feels like a priceless jewel...

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Brazilian Men Brides (3-in-1) Harlequin

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