Our Consignment Terms & Conditions.

1.     Read the Write Book will consider selling books with professional production quality, proofreading and marketing plan; professional         cover design and page layout; a UPC code, an ISBN and a spine with author

        and title.

2.     While Read the Write does NOT charge an administrative fee or yearly fee to have books displayed in our store, it is the Author’s           responsibility to cover the costs of shipping their books to the stores P.O.Box. If after six months the books have not sold, it will be              the Author’s responsibility to cover shipping costs back to them.

3.     The author is responsible for setting the list price of their consigned books, subject to approval by Read the Write Book. Read the            Write Book reserves the right to offer any books at a discount, as part of our frequent buyer’s program or any other promotion, at             our discretion. The price paid at register, including any discounts, is the “sale price.”

4.     On any sale of the consigned book, the author will receive 60 percent of the sale price and Read the Write Book will receive the              remaining 40 percent.

5.      Consignment payments will be calculated monthly, and payments will be executed in the first week of every month for the previous          monthly sales.

6.     The consignment contract will be reviewed every six months, at which time Read the Write Book will evaluate the sales of the                   consigned book and decide whether or not to renew the agreement.

7.    If a consignment contract is not renewed, the author has two weeks to pick up the remaining books, or the author can request that            Read the Write Book ship the books at the author’s expense. If the books are still in the store one month after the expiration of the            consignment agreement, Read the Write Book reserves the right to dispose of them as it sees fit.

8.    Read the Write Book is not responsible for losses due to theft, or for any wear and tear on any copies of the consigned book.

9.   Prospective consignment authors must complete the following form, and return it to Read the Write Book, in order to qualify for                 consignment. Read the Write Book will consider applications on a monthly basis.

10. Please complete an individual form for each title to be consigned.

Once you have downloaded a copy of the consignment form, please fill it out and email it in to us at:

Read the Write Book

P.O.Box 425

Albany DC

Western Australia 6331


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